Facilitator, Coach, Corporate Role Player

Timothy Nga

is a professional actor and emcee with an established practice as a public speaking and leadership presence coach.

As a professional actor, he studies human behaviour intently and is able to articulate nuanced behavioural changes that drive and affect interpersonal relationships. He has won awards for his work in this field.

As an emcee and presenter, Timothy has fronted lifestyle and business programs, emceed conferences of up to 2,500 people and has interviewed leaders and subject matter experts from all over the world. He has a reputation for being stylish, articulate, quick on his feet and able to connect quickly and credibly with speakers, performers, and most importantly, the audience, regardless of size or culture.

This last trait adds to Timothy’s practice as a content delivery consultant, helping organisations take live message delivery to the next level when they host or participate in conferences and showcases. He guides content teams in honing their message objective, structure, syntax and style, using diverse storytelling influences from theatre and film. He then coaches presenters to effectively use their personal styles to connect to their audience and deliver their message with maximum impact.

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A bit of his story

Timothy’s early career saw him invest 8 years in sales, business development, project management and business management in two IT software multinationals and a regional IT services start-up. His successes include closing multi-million dollar IT services projects, initiating new regional business lines and starting-up regional execution teams.

Timothy then followed his heart and chose to follow a life dream to “tell stories” by making a switch to media and the arts. He has been a professional in this field for over a decade and a half as an actor in film, television and stage, as an emcee and presenter for television and live events and conferences and, more recently, a director in theatre. As a director, he enjoys working with communities who don't normally have their stories told in mainstream society and making performances that challenge social norms.

He has trained with leading performance companies including SITI Company and Movement Theatre Studio in New York, Pig Iron Theatre Company in Philadelphia, Complicite in London, Teatro de los Sentidos in Barcelona and ARTHAUS Berlin.


Bringing it all together

More than a decade ago, while continuing to develop his artistic practice, Timothy dived back into the corporate space as a trainer and corporate role player. Over the years, he has developed this practice alongside his artistic journey.

His ongoing professional development in this area includes a certificate in Results Based Coaching (Neuroleadership Group), 4D Foundational Facilitation (Facilitators Network of Singapore) and a Certificate in Advanced Professional Practice in Gestalt Group Dynamics (Dr David Lines and Relational Change UK). He is currently pursuing certification as a provider in Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) by Dr David Berceli.

Timothy’s business experience and artistic intuition bring an incisive creativity to his facilitation and coaching practice in helping individuals to flexibly bring the best versions of themselves from various aspects of their lives into any group dynamic, from being an effective and communicative leader of a high-performing team, to delivering a key message and getting bold action from a conference full of peers.